Guest Writer: The Lady Lena on Missionary Fashion

Hello Sister Mission Prep Readers!

I’m Lena from The Lady Lena here to share some fashion tips to keep you lookin’ fresh on your mission.

Our lovely fashion expert for the day--The Lady Lena. For more information on here, check out her blog:

Our lovely fashion expert for the day–The Lady Lena. For more information on here, check out her blog:

I often hear from girls who are worried about shopping for clothes for their missions. Today I’m going to answer your most common clothing questions!

  1. “Where can I find quality clothes at affordable prices?” This is probably my number one problem. If budget allowed, I’d drive over to Anthropologie and buy all of my clothes but that’d probably cost more than my whole mission. I’ve had a lot of luck shopping at thrift stores and discount racks but it takes a lot of time and effort. Stores like Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, and Papaya, always have great prices so you don’t have to waste your time with sales racks.
  2. “How do I buy clothes that coordinate?” You will be wearing the same clothes for 18 months so unless you only want 7 outfits, you better coordinate your clothes. Most of my skirts are plain colored because I can wear them with anything. I also have a few plain colored cardigans to mix and match with my patterned shirts. I took pictures of my clothes and put them on my phone so when I go shopping I can better visualize if a shirt will match. My rule is ‘if I can’t wear 3 different outfits with this, then it is not worth my luggage space’.
  3. “I don’t know what shoes to buy without looking like a pilgrim!” Black mary janes are the butt of missionary clothing jokes, but let’s be real. They are soooo comfortable and when you are walking like pioneer children they seem like a great buy. Personally, I’m a shoe fanatic and if I don’t have the right pair of shoes my outfit feels ruined. Quality oxfords are unbelievably comfortable and in style. And they are easy to find!

I hope this helped you out! Shopping strategies vary for everyone, but that’s what I’ve found has worked for me. And remember, although it’s important to look nice and presentable, it is not the most important aspect of your mission. So take a deep breath and enjoy the next 18 months.

The Lady Lena

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