Since many people find the waiting period to be the most frustrating part of preparing to serve a mission, and this is an experience common to all who choose to serve—regardless of where he or she is sent—I think it is a fitting subject for our first preparation post.

Not knowing where a missionary will be sent, when they will leave, or what language they will be speaking is enough to make anyone nervous. The inability to visualize and conceptualize the next eighteen months of our lives makes even the most patient people anxious. For the next eighteen months, we could literally be serving just about anywhere. Talk about ambiguity! (Speaking from personal experience, I just submitted my papers on Wednesday, January 23rd so I’m in the Waiting Club as well).

That being said, this is an incredible time. For the next three weeks, with papers finished and no call assigned, relish in knowing that you could be sent anywhere (anywhere!). For three weeks, the entire world is at our fingertips with limitless potential and unimaginable possibilities for us to discover. Once the call comes, all those other endless possibilities will come to a close. There will only be one place we are called to serve. Now, those three weeks don’t seem so bad, do they?

Ever onward,



4 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. Dear Amanda,
    You are dry right! This is an amazing time of wonder and excitement!

    We are blessed that you are sharing it and when the time comes we will look forward to hearing your testimony from your mission!

    Kitty G

  2. I’m currently in the “Waiting Club” except that I have been waiting much longer than 3 weeks! Talk about anxiousness! I love how you described this period of time.

    • Hi Sara! How exciting! You’ll have to tell me where you’re going. I love finding out about where people are serving.

      And thank you for your compliment! I found that so many people that bemoaned the waiting period, and I just decided that I didn’t want to do that. Especially if it took longer than expected to get the call. Plus, how cool is it, really, that we could literally be sent anywhere? I received my call about a month ago to Ohio. While I am really excited now to be going, I’ll admit that some of the places I envisioned myself being were far more exciting and exotic. Wherever we are sent, it will be the perfect place for us. But it’s nice that we’re also able to spend a little time day dreaming before that call comes. 🙂

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